Raion Muay Thai

Muay Thai -The Art of Eight Limbs, Thailand’s ancient form of combat & self-defense, utilizes hands, elbows, knees, & feet to strike vital points of the opponent. Our Raion Muay Thai program at Fight to Win Denve is taught by Kru Carlos “Charlie” Canales.

The Raion Muay Thai program is designed for adult men & women who want to learn real Muay Thai. It is not a “fitness” program, but as we train in a high intensity environment, you will get in shape! Our system is designed to help students achieve their goals, whether it’s getting in shape, learning to defend themselves, or fighting. In our classes, beginners & advanced students all train together but with different goals.

Training Kickboxing/Muay Thai will increase your self-confidence, flexibility, increase stamina, & decrease your stress levels while improving your health & coordination. As a traditional martial art, we focus on the whole self (body, mind, and spirit). We also promote values such as respect, unity, humility, discipline, & modesty with lots of hard work & fun.

Typical training sessions include a variety of exercises & techniques so that you will never get bored doing the same thing over  & over. Our classes include things such as: flexibility drills, calisthenic warm ups, boxing & kickboxing technical breakdowns, one on one drills, conditioning, sand bag rounds, Thai pad drills, & supervised soft sparring for the first few months while students learn the basics. Safety is our first priority!

Muay Thai classes are available for adult men, women, and children

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