Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

At Fight to Win Brazilian Jiu Jitsu of Denver, NC we strive to provide excellent instruction to each student. Through a systematic method of learning and drilling techniques, each student is given the freedom to grow at their own pace. Our focus is on giving students the knowledge, technical proficiency, and confidence to be able to defend themselves against a larger, stronger opponent, through the use of throwing, striking, & grappling techniques. Whether you are a recreational student who just wants to learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu to  get in shape or a competitive athlete looking for a greater challenge, Fight to Win Brazilian Jiu Jitsu of Denver, NC is the best decision you can make.


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Juniors Jiu-jitsu
Designed for our younger students, our Juniors Jiu-jitsu program is designed to teach the fundamental movements & positions of Jiu-jitsu to children in a safe, fun manner. Our curriculum focuses on self-defense, including striking techniques, takedowns, grappling techniques, and stand up self-defense techniques.  We also introduce the kids to the Jiu-jitsu philosophy based on the 753 Code, which emphasizes character development, mindset, and healthy lifestyle choices.  Our kids classes are broken up into two groups, by age/maturity level.  The kids learn through cooperative drilling, as well as live sparring, in a safe & controlled environment.


Fighting Foundations™
Fighting Foundations™ is the official Fundamentals curriculum of the Royce Gracie Network.  We are pleased to be one of the few academies in the world currently certified to teach this program.  This program was organized by the Valente Brothers based on the original curriculum taught by Grandmaster Helio Gracie, and is the ONLY curriculum for group classes ever approved by him. These classes are family classes, open to all adults, as well as teenagers & older children who are training with their parents.  The classes are geared towards beginners, but students of all levels are strongly encouraged to attend. Fighting Foundations™ is a cycle of 27 lessons, containing 108 of the most important techniques covering the most common situations that are encountered in a street fight/self-defense situation, including striking techniques, takedowns, grappling techniques, and stand up self defense against surprise attacks, including weapons attacks.  This is a technique only class, and does not include any live sparring.


Adult Jiu-jitsu
Once students have become comfortable with the basic positions introduced in the Fighting Foundations™, they can begin attending the other Adult Jiu-jitsu classes.  These classes cover the core techniques & positions of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with the gi, emphasizing sound fundamentals, and is open to students of all levels. A wide range of techniques are covered, including takedowns, striking techniques, standing self-defense & grappling techniques, and sometimes cover more advanced positions & concepts.


Self-Defense Reflex Development/Sparring
This is an advanced class, designed to help to test students reflexes with the stand-up self-defense curriculum in a live setting.  In addition, students participate in live sparring drills, including striking/clinching, takedowns, and ground grappling.  Once students have become comfortable with the basic positions in the technical instruction classes, they can then start participating in the live sparring classes.


No-Gi Throwing Techniques
This is a no-gi class & focuses on throwing & takedown techniques.  This class is taught by our Judo instructor Charlie Canales, and teaches the fundamental principles & techniques for throwing your opponent, focusing on the clinch position.


No-Gi Striking & Sparring
This class is a no-gi sparring class, which focuses on striking techniques & strike defense from standing, clinch, and ground positions.  This class is primarily composed of live drilling/sparring with a partner, with students wearing gloves/protective equipment in order to safely & realistically practice their techniques while incorporating strikes.  This is a hybrid class, which is also now open to our adult Muay Thai students as well as the Jiu-jitsu students.


Open Mat
During these sessions, there will be no formal instruction, however an instructor will generally be available for questions and to help students with positions.  This is the opportunity for students to practice and refine techniques that they are working on, or to participate in live sparring.


Private Lessons
Private lessons are an excellent way to quickly improve your overall Jiu-jitsu. Each person learns at a different pace, so nothing is more effective than one-on-one attention from the instructor on the particular areas of your Jiu-jitsu that need improvement. Please see your instructor for available times and pricing or schedule your private class online through our member connect site. Discounted rates are available for multiple private class packages