Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is the primary mission of Fight to Win of Denver?
A: Our primary objective is to provide a safe and professional training
environment for all of our students, with an emphasis on teaching the most
effective techniques for self-defense. While there are opportunities for
students to participate in sport competitions, our main focus in training is
to give our students the technical ability and confidence to be able to
defend themselves.

Q: Which program is right for me or my child?
A: We offer classes in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu as well
as Muay Thai. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a more
grappling based art, while Muay Thai is a more striking based art. While
the programs are different, they complement each other very well, to
become comfortable in all aspects of self-defense, and many of our
students train in both programs. We recommend trying out each program
to see what fits you best.

Q: Are private classes available?
A: Yes! Private and semi-private (up to 4 people) classes are available for
both Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai. Discounted private class packages are also
available. Contact us for scheduling.

Q: What is the cost?
A: We have various membership plans suited to meet your individual
needs and budget. Please see our Membership & Rate Plans for details
(link to Membership Rates page). We offer very reasonable rates for the
services that we offer. What value would you place on having the
confidence to know that you can effectively defend yourself or your family
should the need arise? Family discounts are also available.

Q: What equipment is required?
A: Jiu-jitsu students will need a training uniform or “gi”. Muay Thai
students will need boxing gloves and shinguards (hand wraps are
recommended). Kids Muay Thai students are also required to have
headgear. A mouthpiece is recommended for all students. All required
equipment is available for purchase in the academy. We also provide
rental gis, boxing gloves, and shinguards for the convenience of our

Q: What is the risk of injury?
A: As with any physical activity, there is a potential for injury. We are a
martial arts program that places an emphasis on realistic, hands on
training, including live sparring drills. However, safety is always one of our
top priorities. We make every effort to reduce the potential risks of injuries
for our students and provide careful supervision, particularly for our
younger students. There is no way to completely eliminate the possibility
of injury, however serious injuries are a very, very rare occurrence.

Q: Do I have to be in good shape to train?
A: Everyone trains at their own pace and to their own capacity. Training in
our programs does not require any extraordinary amount of athleticism,
flexibility, or endurance. The fact is, whatever your level of fitness when
you start, you will increase your capacity and get in better shape through
training. Many of our students see significant weight loss and
improvements in their overall fitness levels after just a few weeks of
consistent training.